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Basic knowledge of common automatic welding equipment



Basic knowledge of common automatic welding equipment

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Welding equipment plays an increasingly important role in the production of enterprises with the increase of social manpower and labor costs, so as to improve the welding efficiency and save labor costs. Now let's understand the basic knowledge of common automatic welding.

1. Gas welding equipment gas welding equipment includes oxygen cylinder, acetylene generator (or dissolved acetylene cylinder) and tempering fuse; Gas welding tools include welding torch, pressure reducer and hose, etc.

According to the mixed way of gas break, the welding torch can be divided into two types: injection-suction welding torch and isobaric welding torch. According to the number of flames divided into single flame and multiple flame two categories; According to the types of combustible gas, it can be divided into acetylene, hydrogen and gasoline. According to the use method is divided into manual and mechanical two categories.

Injection-suction torch is also called low-pressure torch. It is suitable for low-pressure and medium-pressure acetylene gas. Currently, it is widely used in China. Equal pressure torch is only suitable for medium pressure acetylene gas.

2. Submerged arc welding equipment consists of welding power supply, submerged arc dryer and auxiliary equipment.

Submerged arc welding power supply can be ac, dc or ac and dc. Submerged arc welding machine can be divided into semi-mechanized (semi-automatic) welding machine and mechanized (automatic) welding machine according to its degree of automation; According to the purpose can be divided into general and special welding machine; According to the arc automatic adjustment can be divided into equal speed wire and uniform adjustment welding machine; According to the number of welding wire can be divided into single wire, double wire and multi-wire welding machine, according to the form of walking mechanism can be divided into trolley type, gantry type and secondary telescopic arm type.

Commonly used mechanized submerged arc welding machine has constant speed into the wire and variable speed into the wire, generally by the head, control box, guide rail (or bracket) composition.

3, CO? Gas break welding equipment semi-automatic CO? The main gas retreat welding equipment is composed of welding power supply, gas supply system, wire feeding mechanism and welding gun. The gas supply system is mainly composed of CO? Gas cylinder and preheater, dryer and gas flow meter, pressure reducer and gas valve components. Dry medium implement cent is high pressure (before gas rests decompression to undertake drying) and low pressure (after gas rests via decompression to undertake drying) two kinds, its main action is absorption CO? Moisture and impurities in air pockets. Generally, only high pressure dryers are connected in the air circuit.

4, inert gas protection welding equipment manual inert gas protection welding equipment including welding gun, welding power source and control four most Po, gas supply and water supply system.

5. Plasma arc welding equipment the main interface of plasma arc welding equipment includes welding power supply, control system, welding gun, gas system and waterway system.

6, resistance welding equipment refers to the principle of ohmic heating for welding operation of a device, by mechanical loading Po plate, power supply and control devices, etc.

Basic knowledge of common automatic welding equipment