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Commonly used automatic welding equipment basics



Commonly used automatic welding equipment basics

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Welding equipment occupies an increasingly important position in enterprise production with the increase of social manpower and labor costs, which is used to improve welding efficiency and save labor costs. Now let's take a look at the basics of common automatic welding.

1. Gas welding equipment Gas welding equipment includes oxygen cylinders, acetylene generators (or dissolved acetylene bottles) and tempering fuses; gas welding tools include welding torches, pressure reducers and hoses.

The welding torch is divided into two types: the injection-type welding torch and the isobaric welding torch according to the mixing mode of the air-off; according to the number of flames, it is divided into two types: single flame and multi-flame; according to the type of combustible gas, it is divided into acetylene and hydrogen. And gasoline, etc.; according to the use of methods are divided into two categories of manual and mechanical.

The injection-type welding torch is also called low-pressure welding torch. It is suitable for low-pressure and medium-pressure acetylene gas. It is currently used in many domestic applications. The isostatic torch is only suitable for medium pressure acetylene gas.

2. Submerged arc welding equipment consists of welding power source, buried arc dryer and auxiliary equipment.

Submerged arc welding power supplies can be used with AC, DC or AC and DC. Submerged arc welding machine can be divided into semi-mechanized (semi-automatic) welding machine and mechanized (automatic) welding machine according to its degree of automation; it can be divided into general-purpose and special welding machines according to the application; according to the automatic adjustment mode of arc, it can be divided into constant-speed wire feeding and Uniform adjustment welding machine; according to the number of welding wire can be divided into single wire, double wire and multi wire welding machine, according to the form of walking mechanism can be divided into trolley type, gantry type and secondary reduction arm type.

Commonly used mechanized submerged arc welding machines are available in constant speed wire feed and variable speed wire feed, generally consisting of a machine head, a control box, and a guide rail (or bracket).