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PLC control Lathe type automatic girth welder

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PLC control Lathe type automatic girth welder

PLC control automatic girth welder/girth welding machine for pipe, water tank, gas tank, stainless steel tank,etc.
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Product Description

                               PLC control Lathe type automatic girth welder 

Product description of automatic girth welder:

PLC control Lathe type automatic girth welder is the professional high precision automatic welding machine for pipe,fuel tank, water tank,gas tank,etc.Structure type: Lathe type; Welding mode:MIG/TIG/SAW; Welding power souce:160A, 200A, 350A or 500A; Welding speed:100-1000mm/min or customized;Control:PLC control or customized;Input power supply: 3phase 380v/50hz or customized. 

Features and advantages of automatic girth welder: 

1.Multifunctional: This welding machine can be used for girth seam welding and straight seam welding, with MIG/TIG/SAW welding modes to meet different welding requirements.

2.The main machine adopts welding machine tool mechanism of head and tail seat, which consists of base, active head frame, driven tail seat and pneumatic (or manual) propulsion mechanism, top head, gantry, drag plate, welding gun electric lifting mechanism, welding gun manual adjusting mechanism, auxiliary bracket and so on.
3.Frame: it is made of welded profiles and treated with annealing to remove stress, so as to ensure no deformation in long-term use.
4.Active seat: driven by ac frequency conversion motor, it is coordinated with the driven rotary mechanism installed by the driven tail seat to ensure the consistent phase of the connecting pieces at both ends of the workpiece to avoid the distortion of the workpiece caused by unsynchronization. Fixed top clamping fixture is installed on the rotary table. The workpiece rotation adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation to meet different welding speeds.
5.Driven tail-seat: movable tail-seat design, no driving motor, and active rotation, to avoid the impact of motor rotation out of sync, installed on the rotary table with a top clamp.
6.The supporting block on the auxiliary bracket is installed with supporting wheel, and the bracket can be moved and adjusted to meet the needs of supporting workpiece of different diameters and lengths. During the welding process, the supporting wheel can be lifted and lowered manually by 20mm to separate from the workpiece, so as to avoid the influence of the change of the workpiece's outer diameter caused by the ovality of the workpiece on the rotating mechanism.
7.Gantry: Dragon door column adopts box beam structure, Precision guide rail, gear rack pair drive, Drive mechanism adopts motor drive with reducer. The upper part is equipped with drag plate to ensure that the welding of one station is moved to the next station. The welding system is fixed to the pallet, The design has realized the fine tuning when the welding gun is aligned with the welding seam. Used for adjusting Angle of welding gun. Manual and electric adjusting slide plates are installed on the upper tail seat to ensure three-dimensional adjustment of welding gun. Manual adjustment in X and Y direction, electric lifting in Z direction is convenient for aligning welding gun and rapidly lifting welding gun. Also equipped with rotary joints for welding gun Angle adjustment.
Main parameters of automatic girth welder:  

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