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Pipe straight seam welding machine

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Pipe straight seam welding machine

Pipe straight seam welding machine for pipe length from 1000-3000mm, pipe diameter from 80-1000mm and pipe thickness from 1-6mm.
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Product Description

Pipe straight seam welding machine 


Product description:  

The pipe straight seam welding machine also called as pipe longitudinal seam welding machine which is the professional welding machine for pipe striaght seam/longitudinal seam,with  pneumatic keyboard type clamp, rocker arm swing copper pad mandrel, easy loading and unloading, adjustable clamping force, high production efficiency,suitable for welding of pipe or cylinder workpiece with thickness from 1-6mm, diameter from 80 to 1000mm, pipe length from 1000-3000mm. With TIG or MIG welding mode, easy operation and high efficiency. 

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