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ZT series 5-1200Ton self-aligning welding rotator

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ZT series 5-1200Ton self-aligning welding rotator

1. Self-aligning type to suit workpiece diameters automatically
2. Rated Load from 5Ton -1200Ton or customized
3. Suitable workpiece diameter:200-6500mm or customized
4. Control modes: control cabinet, pendant control and remote control
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Product Description

                         ZT series 5-1200Ton self-aligning welding rotator 


 Product description of self-aligning welding rotator

Self-aligning welding rotator is developed based on the advantages of same kind of products at home and abroad and combined requirements of many boiler pressure vessel factories. It’s widely used for welding metal tanks and it’s the professional equipment for boiler and pressure vessel production . It’s advantages are advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation, etc. The self-aligning welding rotator composed of one driving frame and one driven frame. Each unit has 4 wheels. The 4 wheels on driving frame are driving wheels.Less than 20T, rotators with single motor driven. More than 20T, all the rotators with double motor driven. 

Features and Advantages of self-aligning welding rotator:

  1. The standard self-aligning welding rotator is composed by one set of driving frame and one set of driven frame, it’s also can be customized made one set of driven frame and many sets of driven frames according to clients ’requirements. Easy operation, high adaptability.  

  2. Adjust rotator’s pivot angle automatically according to work pieces’ dimension, no need manual adjustment.

  3. Driving frame’s 4 wheels with gear engagement transmission, realized 4 wheels driven.

  4. Polyurethane adhesive wheel, high friction, long lifespan and strong bearing capacity.

  5. Adopt AC Inverter stepless speed regulation, big starting torque, wide scope of speed adjusting, stable operation and with multiple protection functions such as over voltage, over current, over load, over heat, etc.

  6. Driving rotator’s start, stop, positive rotation, reverse rotation and speed adjustment is operated by remote control box.

  7. Reserved linkage interface which can be interconnected with welding manipulator to form the welding center. 

 Technical parameters of self-aligning welding rotator

  Customized welding rotator/turning rolls/turning roller are ready for you!





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